LaSean Christian, Livonia

LaSean Christian

I am passionate about the field of psychology. Life isn’t always easy, and sometimes we may need support navigating through our thoughts and emotions during stressful times. This is why I believe it takes a collaborative effort to build a strong therapeutic alliance and motivate growth. I have learned through experience that clients desire someone who will listen, understand, and empathize with their life’s journey. This is why I am passionate about providing a safe, and judgment free environment where clients will feel empathy and support throughout their sessions. As a therapist in training, I will approach each session with the knowledge that will help clients apply their lived experiences to self-determine a path to personal growth, to live a fulfilled life.

I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Oakland University, and I am currently pursuing my Master of Art in Clinical Psychology at Michigan School of Psychology. In the last four years of my career, I have provided intensive home-based family interventions, life skills education, short-term counseling, and crisis intervention for at risk children throughout Wayne County.

I am working as an intern at Meredith Psychological & Testing Services, LLC, where I am under the direct supervision of Dr. Julie Meredith Davis. To schedule an appointment, please call the main office at 269-459-1818.

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