Our Mission

At MPTS, LLC, our mission is to create a strong relationship of trust with clients in a caring and judgement-free space, capitalizing on diverse experiences, specialties, and therapeutic strategies to meet the unique needs of the clients we serve. In so doing, we advance the following core values:

Multicultural Competence, Humility, and Sensitivity

We recognize the importance of culture in informing our identities and our unique lived experiences. As such, we are dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust so that our clients become comfortable in exploring their life’s journey with their therapist.

Client-Centered Approaches

We recognize that truly effective therapy is collaborative in nature. While our therapists have specialized knowledge and expertise, you and your therapist work together as a team to unpack your concerns and discover the ways to help you move toward your mental health goals.

Present-Time Focus

While we understand exploring our past experiences helps to inform our future experiences, it is necessary to deliberately and purposefully be in our present. When we strive to live in the present moment, regardless of the discomfort or pain, we gain personal insight and strength to begin making change, as may be needed.

Empowerment Focus

We believe that despite life’s challenges or even because of these challenges, there is within each of us the potential for growth.

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