At Meredith Psychological & Testing Services, LLC (MPTS), our dedicated therapists are wholeheartedly committed to assisting individuals in navigating psychological and emotional obstacles that impact their pursuit of fulfilling and balanced lives. We provide a broad range of therapy services tailored to individuals, couples, and families spanning various age groups, including children, adolescents, college students, adults, and older adults. Our experienced therapists specialize in addressing an array of concerns, including but not limited to, Anxiety & Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders, Parenting Challenges, Relationship Issues, Trauma, Grief, Self-harm, Life Transitions, Medical Conditions, LGBTQ+ Matters, Racial Identity, and Race-Related Stress.

Psychotherapy serves as a valuable space for individuals to gain insight into their behavioral and relational patterns. Through collaborative relationships with our psychotherapists, individuals have the opportunity to explore the origins and maintenance of these patterns. The insights gained through psychotherapy empower individuals, providing them with the strength and freedom to make informed decisions about embarking on transformative journeys toward building a more balanced, fulfilling life.

Please see below for the specific services we provide.

Psychotherapy Services – Anxiety & Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders, Parenting Concerns, Relationships, Trauma, Grief, and Loss, Self-Harm, Life Transitions, Medical Concerns, LGBTQ+ Concerns, Racial Identity & Race-Related Stress

Psychological Testing Services – ADHD, Academic & Learning Disorders, Autism, Bariatric, Executive Functioning, Cognitive Impairments/IQ, Mood, Personality, Gender Affirming Readiness

Meredith Psychological Testing