LGBTQ+ Concerns

“We speak of the masculine and the feminine, but they are the wrong labels. It is really more a matter of poetry versus intellectualization.” ― Anaïs Nin

Sexuality, sexual identity, and gender identity are self-determined truths; yet, because of our connections with others, we may experience pressure or fear in embracing our own truths. Nonetheless, self-discovery and self-expression are among the most difficult and most meaningful work we can do. It is a deliberate decision to embrace you – the you that exists outside of and beyond the expectations of others (e.g., family, friends, community, society).

The therapists at Meredith Psychological & Testing Services, LLC recognize the complexity of the multiple identities one may hold and the importance of acknowledging, embracing, and affirming these identities when expressing one’s sexuality, sexual identity, and gender identity. With this, we collaborate with you to help as you determine how to navigate fears, process stereotypes, and be even more grounded in your truth.

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