Compassionate Therapy for Gender Identity Struggles

Our sexuality, sexual identity, and gender identity are personal truths we deal with in our journey of self-discovery. While these truths are deeply personal, they can be influenced by numerous external forces like peer pressure and societal norms. Meredith Psychological & Testing Services understands how difficult navigating this journey can be and can help you find the courage to fully embrace who you are.

Your personal identity is unique to you, which is especially true when it comes to sexual and gender identity. You deserve to have this identity recognized and affirmed, but that can be difficult due to the expectations placed on you by your family, friends, or society as a whole. This can cause an undue amount of stress on you just to stay true to yourself.

Meredith Psychological & Testing Services has compassionate therapists at our Kalamazoo, Wyoming, Livonia, and Cascade locations where you will have the freedom to discuss your feelings, fears, and aspirations in a nonjudgmental environment. We will work together with you to help you navigate these challenges and help you embrace your true self with confidence.

If you have been struggling with your identity, please contact us to request your initial appointment for a consultation with one of our compassionate therapists.

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