Delayni Kornak-Kotarba, Kalamazoo


I believe that a strong therapeutic relationship is the foundation of growth, and I work to build a warm, supportive, and understanding space for each individual. When working with clients, I utilize a holistic conceptualization that takes into consideration aspects such as individual development, culture, social, physical, and spiritual experiences. I recognize that individuals exist within a larger environment and work to identify factors of strength and resilience that can support an individual’s growth. I also believe each client’s journey and experiences is unique, and I am committed to providing an individualized approach to fit their needs.

Furthermore, I believe that you are the expert of you, and I work to understand your perspective of the world to best support your success. I come to sessions prepared with multiple options that can include worksheets, activities, or simply supportive listening, so the client can provide input in their therapeutic journey. My areas of interest include individuals with ADHD, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, trauma, and I look forward to expanding my interest as I begin working in the field. I am also committed to working with a wide range of populations including women, LGBTQ+, ethnically diverse groups ranging from adolescents to elderly.

I am currently earning my master’s degree from Western Michigan University in Counseling Psychology.

I am working as an intern at Meredith Psychological & Testing Services, LLC, where I am under the direct supervision of Dr. Julie Meredith Davis. To schedule an appointment, please call the main office at 269-459-1818.

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