Remy James, MA, TMLP

Pronouns: she/her/hers

I did not come here for food. My stomach is full. I did not come here for food. I did not come here for food, I came for much more than that. ~ Mandinka ritual song.

This is my favorite quotation because, to me, it encompasses my journey for healing from within. Finding love and value within me meant getting the best grades, putting on the best face, and seeking validation as to whether I deserved my accomplishments or if I was just a fluke. I had to teach myself to stop and breathe, as well as to give, to receive, and to seek more than my own sustenance to remind myself that life is larger and more beautiful than I could see. This journey of awareness is how I see therapy. It is what I see for each person who sits across from me in the therapy room.

I believe that working with people to analyze negative thoughts and feelings leads to positive outcomes. I value the unique lived experiences that are critical in understanding a person’s identity and creating trust in the therapeutic space. I am passionate about collaborating with people to create a treatment plan.

I have worked with youth in the education and juvenile justice systems in Newark, NJ and Detroit, MI and saw first-hand how generational trauma can affect youth (e.g., their progress in school, their self-doubts, and their self-affirmations). Since joining the military in 2018, I have worked with veterans struggling with PTSD and injuries that have affected them long-term. Currently, I am a Human Resources Officer with the Michigan National Guard. I have also worked with adult populations living with acute discomforts in clinical settings.

I graduated from MSU with a double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice. I also have a MA in Counseling Psychology from Western Michigan University.

I am a Temporary Master’s Limited Psychologist (TMLP) in the state of Michigan. As a TMLP, I receive ongoing supervision from a fully licensed psychologist, Julie Meredith Davis, Ph.D., LP.

To schedule an appointment, please call the main office at 269-459-1818. Please know that I am not currently accepting new clients.

Areas of experience, interest, and skill:
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Adjustment & Life Transitions
  • Relationships
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