Supriya Singh, MA, MLP

Life isn’t how you survive the storm, it’s about how to dance in the rain. -Taylor Swift

Childhood, adolescence, and adulthood are filled with so many different experiences, with everyone’s being unique. Some may come across smaller obstacles throughout their lifetime, whereas others may encounter obstacles that seem too big to overcome on their own. These obstacles that we encounter can come in many different forms, but it is when we cannot overcome them on our own that psychotherapy can equip us with skills to help.

I have a shared goal along with the other psychotherapists – to provide caring and effective psychotherapy for the clients that reach out. I strive to provide a safe space for you to share openly and confidently. My academic career at both University of Detroit Mercy and Wayne State University have prepared me with the skills needed to effectively work with people of all ages and circumstances. My research mainly focused on emotional behaviors in children, however my clinical experience allowed me to work beyond that group while implementing skills I learned from my research to my practice.

I also have experience in administering psychological assessments for ADHD, Learning Disorders, and adaptive functioning, as well as comprehensive neuropsychological assessments needed for Personality Disorders, memory and executive functioning, and other Behavioral Disorders.

Taking the steps to begin the psychotherapy or psychological testing process can be difficult, but I intend to help you take those steps and move forward. I am excited to work alongside you throughout this process!

I am a Master’s Limited Psychologist (MLP) in the state of Michigan. As an MLP, I am under the direct supervision of Julie M. Davis, Ph.D., LP. To schedule an appointment, please call the main office at 269-459-1818. Please know that I am currently doing both in-person and telehealth therapy.

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