Therapy Services to Help with Difficult Family Dynamics

Conflicts occurring within the family dynamic can cause people to feel frustrated, hurt, and misunderstood. From parents struggling with a disobedient child to navigating through a divorce and other family problems, Meredith Psychological & Testing Services has a team of therapists who can help you and your family deal with these difficult situations to help foster improved communication amongst the family to increase healing for all involved.

We understand that there are external and internal factors that can complicate family matters, leading to heightened emotions that can strain the relationships, whether it be diagnoses like ADHD or Autism, or a non-traditional family dynamic. Our therapists will work closely with you to provide a safe space in which families can objectively address these issues and work together to find constructive solutions.

We approach these family issues by focusing on the communications patterns between the various family members. By evaluating how family interactions are perceived and interpreted, we can help individuals achieve a greater understanding and appreciation for each other. Through our therapy sessions, we will help guide you along your journey to better communication and mutual respect, which will lead to a more harmonious, stress-free relationship.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule an initial appointment to help your family strengthen relationships.