A Wide Range of Psychological Assessments in Four Stages

Meredith Psychological & Testing Services (MPTS) offers thorough psychological assessments that will help us, and you, better understand how you think, learn, and behave in order to shed some light on the causes of your personal struggles. Whether you have difficulty learning new things, struggle with anxiety, or even have troubles with normal day-to-day tasks, our compassionate therapists will help you begin to understand your symptoms and discover coping strategies that can help you move past these struggles. Our psychological assessments are performed in a four stage process:

  • The Intake Interview – during this stage, we will get to know you while asking questions relevant to your personal struggles
  • Testing Session – we will perform a test that gives us the data we need get a better understanding of your situation
  • Scoring and Interpretation – using this data, coupled with relevant research, will give our therapist better insight
  • Feedback Session – you will receive a detailed report after we have discussed your results and answered any questions you may have.

At MPTS, we can provide psychological testing for ADHD, Academic and Learning Disorders, Autism, Executive Functioning, Cognitive Impairments, Mood, Personality, Bariatric Considerations, and Gender Affirming Readiness. For more information about our testing services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

Anxiety and Mood Disorders