Sarah Sadovsky, Livonia

Sarah Sadovsky, Intern

I have been working in the field since 2009. With a firm belief in the transformative power of therapy, I aim to help clients empower themselves towards improved well-being. My dedication to understanding the human mind fuels my commitment to the emotional growth and resilience of clients. Central to my approach is the creation of a nonjudgmental space where active listening fosters a strong therapeutic alliance. I value client feedback, collaboratively working towards their goals while offering effective therapeutic strategies.

My practice is enriched by my open-minded, empathetic personality and drive to learn and innovate. I work with a range of issues, including depression, mood and personality disorders, anxiety disorders, and trauma-related disorders. I have also worked extensively with multicultural populations, gender identity issues, and the LBGTQI2+ community.

I am currently a doctoral candidate at the Michigan School of Psychology and am a Temporary Master’s Limited Psychologist (TMLP).

I am working as an intern at Meredith Psychological & Testing Services, LLC, where I am under the direct supervision of Dr. Julie Meredith Davis. To schedule an appointment, please call the main office at 269-459-1818.

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